Why You Need to Plan Your Podcast

Professionals plan. That’s all there is to it. If you’re not planning at all — if you’re just winging it — you’re going to hit a wall. You’ll feel the tension mount. Your audience won’t grow and you’ll start to dislike podcasting. Join any number of Facebook groups on podcasting and you’ll witness this. It […]

Adding a Custom Workflow

AVAILABLE ON STANDARD AND PRO PLANS ONLY. What’s the difference between tasks, checklists, and workflows, you ask? Here we go: A task is something you need to do. A checklist is a list of related, sequential tasks. A workflow is an automated step or sequence of steps that you trigger to happen when tasks are […]

Adding a Custom Checklist

AVAILABLE ON STANDARD AND PRO PLANS ONLY. Following a checklist of specific tasks you need to remember in producing your podcast is common with serious podcasters. As of July 2019, you can do this within HelloCast, eliminating the need for yet another potential tool you’ve been using (Asana? Trello? Google Docs? Google Sheets?). Because we […]

Referring Friends to HelloCast

Did you know you can refer friends to HelloCast, passing along a discount to those friends, while enjoying an account credit? When people sign up for HelloCast direct, there’s no discount unless they take advantage of our full-year offer rather than signing up for monthly service. But if they sign up — even for a […]

Changing Your Account Name or Email

Things change. Your email address, maybe even your name. In HelloCast, you can change either of these at any time in your Settings (click on that link to be taken directly there). The main screen you’ll be greeted with when you visit your settings allows you to make these changes. Make your necessary change(s) and […]

Sponsors vs. Sponsorships

What’s the difference between a Sponsor and a Sponsorship? In podcasting, we often refer to having sponsors. In HelloCast, you’ll see some reference to Sponsorships. Here’s how we define the two. A Sponsor is a company that has agreed to lend their name to your podcast. The ‘Sponsor’ includes a contact name, contact details, and […]

Searching for Episodes & Guests

There are a few ways you can narrow down your list of episodes or guests. Search Box #1 The search box displayed above your list view of episodes, guest, or sponsors allows you to find all entries for that list based on title. When viewing in episode list view, you can search episode titles. When […]

Using the Calendar View

The Calendar view in HelloCast is designed to give you a visual, bird’s-eye view of your episodes for a quick glance. And like all of the HelloCast app, it’s mobile-friendly. When viewing your calendar, by default, today’s date is highlighted. There are buttons in the top left for going back one month at a time, […]