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Adding a Collaborator


With our Standard Plan, you can add an unlimited number of additional collaborators to work with (ie, a cohost, producer, or assistant). You can also add one additional podcast for every collaborator you add. Please review our pricing plans for how this affects your pricing when adding collaborators!

To add/invite your collaborator(s), navigate to your settings by clicking on your name in the top right corner. Then select Manage Podcasts, then Collaborators.

One simple gif will show you how to set it up:

Once they’ve accepted and are working with you, you’ll see them listed in the collaborators section.

Collaborators can do everything you can do as a contributor to a podcast, however they cannot access the Manage Podcasts page within settings.

Important note for podcast networks and editors: If you invite additional podcast clients to collaborate with you as you produce their podcasts, you’ll want to look at our Pro plan, which allows for custom team workspaces. Custom team workspaces allow you to restrict each collaborator’s access to certain podcasts, whereas the Standard plan gives each collaborator access to any/all podcasts you’ve added to your account.

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