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Adding a Custom Checklist


Following a checklist of specific tasks you need to remember in producing your podcast is common with serious podcasters. As of July 2019, you can do this within HelloCast, eliminating the need for yet another potential tool you’ve been using (Asana? Trello? Google Docs? Google Sheets?).

Because we want to make HelloCast just a little easer here and there, so that the sum total of the production process is actually enjoyable, we’ve also added the ability to tie your checklists to episode statuses and you can create a simple workflow from them as well.

Before we get going with the how-to, one more thing: Checklists are tied to specific podcasts, because you may have a different flow you need to follow for a second podcast.

Step 1: Access Tasks within an Episode

You can create a custom checklist in one of two ways. This is the first one: navigate to a single episode in your list view. Click it to go to that episode’s detail view.

Click the Tasks option (screenshot below):

The second way you can start the workflow/checklist creation process is by clicking on the top right gear in HelloCast to access your main settings. Choose the podcast you’re working on (if you have more than one), click the button labeled “Add a workflow…” and you’re in business.

Step 2: Add your workflow

You’ll then be notified that you need to add a workflow. There’s a more detailed overview of workflows in a separate help document, but here’s the screenshot you’ll see.

Click that button to create your workflow.

Step 3: Add tasks to your workflow

Here’s where it gets really cool. With HelloCast, your tasks can be assigned to Anyone or to other collaborators you’ve previously added to your account or podcast. You also need to assign them to a stage at which that task is done in your planning or production process. (More on statuses here. Our default statuses are displayed in that last screenshot.)

Step 4: Decide if you wanted automatic status advance

Alright, notice the checkbox at the bottom of that last screenshot? It’s super cool. Let’s say you’ve got five tasks that have to be completed before an episode can be moved from Produced to Released. When you check that box for the tasks that make up that stage of the production process, when you’re actually checking off items in an episode and complete all of them for that stage, the episode automatically switches to the next stage.

Here’s a gif that shows this once you’ve deployed your checklist and added that feature as a workflow. In this example I’ve got my workflow setup to automatically move an episode from Scheduled to Recorded when all the tasks in the Scheduled stage are checked as complete.

Last note: Tasks ‘On Deck’

When you’re reviewing your full list of tasks for an episode, there’s an On Deck shortlist of tasks. HelloCast zeroes in on the tasks you have in front of you based on the stage you have that episode at.

A screenshot so you can see it better than the gif above.

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