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Adding Episodes

You can add new episodes in one of two ways in HelloCast.

From the main episodes screen

At https://app.hellocast.com/episodes you can click the bright blue button on the right hand side, above your list of existing episodes.

A window will popup asking you to give this episode a working title. Enter that, then click Next.

You’ll then be taken to a screen to fill in the rest of the details for that episode. As many or as few as you like, there are no other fields that are required.

The Details, Guests, and Sponsors words in the gray area are tabs. When you click one of these words, you’re going to that tab, where you can enter specific information for that section into a variety of fields.

One important note: When the Recording Date and/or Release Date fields have dates entered, the episode will appear on your calendar. This is the only way to get episodes to appear on your calendar.

In the example above, the Episode Link field can be used however you like. You can leave it empty when creating the episode and add your direct mp3 link later, or you can leave it empty when creating and add your blog post link later. This is how most people use that field.

The Episodes field is asking for your episode number, if you have one.

From any screen using the Quick Add feature

Located near the top right corner, under your name, is the Quick Add button. When you click it, you can create an episode, guest, or sponsor (with Standard plans and above). Here’s how it looks in action.

When you click the word Episode, the same window that we showed in the earlier section appears for you to begin creating a new episode.

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