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Adding Guests

You can add new guests in one of two ways in HelloCast.

From the main guests screen

At https://app.hellocast.com/guests you can click the bright blue button on the right hand side, above your list of existing guests.

A window will popup asking you for this guest’s first and last name. Enter those, then click Next.

You’ll then be taken to a screen to fill in the rest of the details for that guest. As many or as few as you like, there are no other fields that are required.

The Details, Bio, and Social words in the gray area are tabs. When you click one of these words, you’re going to that tab, where you can enter specific information for that section into a variety of fields, like the guest’s Twitter handle, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, etc. You only need to enter their username or ‘handle,’ HelloCast will add the https://www.

And one more important note: The more contact info fields you can add, the better! These will be visible as icons you can click on to visit when viewing your full list of guests.

From any screen using the Quick Add feature

Located near the top right corner, under your name, is the Quick Add button. When you click it, you can create an episode, guest, or sponsor (with Standard plans and above). Here’s how it looks in action.

When you click the word Guest, and the same window that we showed in the earlier section appears for you to begin creating a new guest.

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