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Pushing Episodes to Google Calendar

If you live in Google Calendar, you can push your HelloCast episodes into it to see your episodes along with your other daily obligations.

Note: This isn’t a ‘sync’ feature, wherein if you update the dates associated with your episode Google Calendar will be updated accordingly.

Here’s how it works.


First, go into Edit mode of a single podcast episode.

On the Details tab, add a date into the Recording Date field, indicating the day you intend to record that episode alone, with your cohost, or when your interview will happen, whichever situation is right for you.

You can also add (whether now or later), a date in the Release Date field, indicating when the episode will or did go live for your listeners.

Blue Calendar Icons

Notice the blue calendar icons in that screenshot above? They appear only when you’ve added a date in the appropriate field, and they are clickable buttons.

When you click that new blue button that appears it will launch Google Calendar. If you use numerous instances of Google Calendar — like one for your @gmail account vs. one for your @podcastname.com account or work account — you’ll first see a screen asking you to choose which Google Calendar account you want to push this episode to.

Finally, you’ll see the standard Google Calendar event creation screen, where you can add the time of your event. Here’s a sample screenshot of that happening:

That’s it. You’ve pushed an episode in HelloCast to Google Calendar.

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