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Referring Friends to HelloCast

Did you know you can refer friends to HelloCast, passing along a discount to those friends, while enjoying an account credit?

When people sign up for HelloCast direct, there’s no discount unless they take advantage of our full-year offer rather than signing up for monthly service.

But if they sign up — even for a 7-day trial first — by using your referral code, they’ll get 20% off for the first year they’re with HelloCast, and you’ll get a $20 credit for them signing up.

The $20 credit appears in your account once your friend has been with us for 3 months.

Here’s where you access your referral code

In the top right corner you’ll see “Refer Friends” as a link. Click it. You’ll be taken into your account settings, right to the Refer Friends section. It will look something like this:

Notice the red arrow. It’s pointing to the referral link in my account. But you’ll want to use yours, obviously.

Share that code and you’re golden. And when your friends have used your code to sign up, they’ll show up right underneath that section of the Referrals section in your HelloCast Settings.

Thanks for participating. Word of mouth is an important way for a service like ours to grow.

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