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Searching for Episodes & Guests

There are a few ways you can narrow down your list of episodes or guests.

Search Box #1

The search box displayed above your list view of episodes, guest, or sponsors allows you to find all entries for that list based on title. When viewing in episode list view, you can search episode titles. When viewing in guest list view, you can search guest names.

But, you can also use that search box to filter your list based on tags as well. Read on for more on that.


Tags provide temporary or permanent organizational features to your episodes and guests. Learn more about them here.

Once applied to an episode or guest, you can use Search Box #1 to find only those entries using the tag you’re searching for. Or, you can click on a single tag for any episode or guest to see all episodes or guests (depending on which list you’re reviewing) that have that tag applied. (In other words, your list view is filtered off that tag.)


You can find episodes that meet only one or more statuses by using that box above the list of episodes.

Search Box #2

We provide a search box in the top right corner to quickly search for episodes, guests, or tags on every screen in HelloCast.

You’ll notice in this screenshot that as you start to type HelloCast is already searching for episodes or guests that meet your search criteria, and displaying them in an orderly fashion.

Starred Episodes

You may also elect to use our multi-purpose starring feature. It’s designed to help you quickly find episodes, guests, or sponsors that you’ve starred based on whatever criteria strike your fancy.

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