Sponsors vs. Sponsorships

What’s the difference between a Sponsor and a Sponsorship?

In podcasting, we often refer to having sponsors. In HelloCast, you’ll see some reference to Sponsorships. Here’s how we define the two.

A Sponsor is a company that has agreed to lend their name to your podcast. The ‘Sponsor’ includes a contact name, contact details, and so forth.

A Sponsorship is a single engagement with that Sponsor. Since your engagement with them could potentially change from one month to another — the rate they pay you may change, the link they want you to send people to may change, etc. — we allow you to create individual Sponsorships that are tied to a Sponsor.

Make sense?

Here’s how you get started with creating a new sponsor, after clicking the Add Your First Sponsor button.

First, you’ll need to name your Sponsorship (don’t worry, if you haven’t added the sponsor/company first, you’ll create one during this process).

Then, you’ll be able to either connect a sponsor/company or create one from the screen you see next. You’ll also be able to add your own referral link for this specific sponsorship, and even drop in an ad script (you can add this later, too).

If you choose to add that Sponsor/Company at this stage, a new window will appear, allowing you to add your contact details:

  • Contact name
  • Contact title
  • Email
  • Phone

After creating that sponsor, you’ll be taken back to the screen above where you can connect them to the sponsorship and continue filling in details.

On the second tab of the screen above — the one labeled Terms — you can add three important details:

  • Sponsorship Type: Flat Rate, CPM (Cost per Thousand), Affiliate, or Other
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Connecting the sponsorship to episodes

Once you’ve added the sponsorship, you can connect them individually when creating episodes. Here’s a snappy gif that shows you how.

(Don’t be distracted by the data shown, it’s only placeholder content!)