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Starring Episodes, Guests, & Sponsors

HelloCast allows you to mark your important episodes, guests, and/or sponsors so you can easily find them later, by starring them.

Actually, you can use stars however you want. Your use of stars is limited only by your imagination with organizing yourself within HelloCast.

Here are just a few ideas for how you could use the star feature for episodes, guests, or sponsors:

  • A temporary label for important ones you want to quickly find later
  • Noteworthy episodes or episodes that ultimately gained more than X downloads
  • Noteworthy or aspiration guests that represent game-changers or a specific tier or group of potential guests
  • Sponsors that are paying a flat rate or with whom you only have an affiliate relationship, rather than them paying on a CPM basis

Stars are a temporary toggle switch you can turn on or off with episodes, guests, or sponsors, when viewing them in list view or one at a time.

Then, you can filter your list by simply clicking on the star at the top of the column.

So, in reality, stars are just another way to sort or filter your episodes, guests, or sponsors. Use them to mark important ones, or use them for filtering in (or out) based on other criteria. It’s up to you.

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