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Using the Calendar View

The Calendar view in HelloCast is designed to give you a visual, bird’s-eye view of your episodes for a quick glance. And like all of the HelloCast app, it’s mobile-friendly.

When viewing your calendar, by default, today’s date is highlighted.

There are buttons in the top left for going back one month at a time, or forward, and the Today button jumps you right to — you guessed it, the current month, with today’s date highlighted.

When editing an individual episode, you can optionally add a recording date and a release date. Screenshot below.

The legend for the calendar is at the bottom. Episodes released in the past are gray. Upcoming recordings are bright red. Upcoming releases are purple.

These two types of events — recordings and released episodes — are based on the corresponding fields when editing episodes. They’re NOT the statuses you can use for managing episodes. Why, you may ask?

Statuses can change from one podcaster to another based on personal preference. But every podcaster has to record episodes and release them to the public. Hence, we want to make it easy to remember when you’re recording and when you’re releasing, and see that visually.

Here’s where you add those dates when editing a podcast.

When you add dates into those fields in HelloCast, you’ll see that a new, blue icon appears in the top right corner of each. Those are buttons, and they enable you to click to push your episode to Google Calendar. (Note: For now, if you later update that date, it will not sync with Google Calendar; you’ll have to push the new date to Google Calendar again.)

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