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Why You Need to Plan Your Podcast

Professionals plan. That’s all there is to it.

If you’re not planning at all — if you’re just winging it — you’re going to hit a wall. You’ll feel the tension mount. Your audience won’t grow and you’ll start to dislike podcasting. Join any number of Facebook groups on podcasting and you’ll witness this. It happens all the time.

On the other hand, there is something to be said for over-planning every aspect of a podcast as well. That can suck all of the fun out of podcasting. There’s no need to build extravagant, detailed systems that make podcasting a chore. Yet many people do this too.

With HelloCast, you have a perfect, happy medium.

Get your episode thoughts down in writing

HelloCast is your whitespace to plan out each podcast episode, write out your thoughts, collect any research, and even collaborate with others on your planning. But this isn’t Evernote or Google Docs, or even Trello.

The beauty of HelloCast is it’s a place to get your notes all down in writing within the context of a podcast episode. Not just in some random document disconnected from everything else you need for your podcast, and not just when you’re ready to record. You do this in a platform that has some consistent but lightweight order to it, with text fields for freeform notes, and other fields to keep things consistent from one show to the next.

Context matters. Like which episode this is, when on the calendar it’s slated to go live, which other guests or contributors are or could be involved. We give you a dedicated space to map this all out, whether you interview politicians, host a comedy podcast, or publish a true crime podcast.

Give your episode a status

A status is like a stage. An episode might be just an idea to start, then maybe you’ve outlined the episode’s flow. Then maybe you’ve written it, if it’s scripted. You record it, you release it, you promote it.

We give you four default statuses to start: Idea, Scheduled, Recorded, and Released. Four simple statuses, but you can customize them to your heart’s desire, making them as detailed as you like.

Follow a simple checklist of activities

Whether you’ve got five simple steps you need to track to call an episode ‘complete’ or 23 steps, HelloCast is your companion to keep you and any collaborators on-track.

Build a podcast-specific checklist of tasks, with each assigned to a status, and check them off as you complete them. You can even tell HelloCast to automatically move the episode to the next status when all tasks for the previous status have been completed.

Type your show notes as you record

If you run an interview podcast, where you don’t know with 100% certainty what will come out of your guest that you’ll want to highlight in your show notes, you can type those show notes as you record, right within HelloCast. Some podcasters even type their time stamps in HelloCast as they go, so they remember when they or their guest said something profound. You can even hyperlink and format your notes as you go.

If you script your show from beginning to end, just drop your script right in the Show Notes section, fully formatted. Or, you can upload it as an attachment in HelloCast.

However you choose to use HelloCast’s Show Notes section, they’re ready to copy and paste into your podcast hosting provider when you’ve finished editing your podcast.

Full contact management

In theory you could build your own system for some of these aspects of podcast planning in some generic todo or project management application like Trello or Airtable. But having everything in one place, with a consistent structure to it, is a stress reliever. Check out the testimonials on our home page.

With HelloCast, you can also add the contact details for all of your guests. Their name, company, phone, email, social links, as well as a section for their bio and any uploaded files you want to attach to them. Again, you couldkeep them in your Google Contacts or your address book. Keeping them in HelloCast allows you to connect them to the episode in which they appear. Context. They’re literally linked to that episode.

Strip out the complexity, but keep things organized

HelloCast is for the podcaster that realizes they need to take their podcast a little more seriously, if they’re going to do bigger things with it, but who doesn’t want planning to become a tremendous chore in and of itself.

Give us 2-3 weeks, plan your next few episodes with us. You’ll find it can be fun to get on top of things. You’ll fall in love with your podcast all over again.

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